About the Journal

This is the first Journal of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine in Nepal. The majority of academics in Nepal who do research in Ayurveda medicine rely on international journals to publish their scholarly findings. And so, JADAN was need of the hour and initiated by Ayurveda Doctors Association of Nepal (ADAN).
Articles outlining future scope, research areas, and priorities will also be taken into consideration. These include manuscripts outlining and exploring the principles of Ayurveda and conventional medicine; theoretical, experimental, and clinical research; evidence-based clinical practice; and promoting trans-disciplinary research culture. Such submissions will be published in this publication, which will also build a database of research findings.
This journal aims to publish create the database for scientific findings for creating evidence based ecosystem in Ayurveda.

1. To publish articles of knowledgeable and scientific communication focused on Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine and other innovative allied research areas of Nepal.
2. To create platform for collaboration and knowledge transformation across professional, academic, and various scientific communities of Ayurveda and allied sciences.
3. To promote Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine, publishing the scientific articles of  prioritized research areas.

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From Chief in Editor Desk

Dr. Pravesh Shrivastava, MD (AYU), BAMS

Catherine Soft

CEO / Founder

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